What is UDERdoc?

Have you ever been in need of a doctor with no idea where to find one? Ever been stuck waiting at the clinic wondering, where's my doctor? These are the common problems faced by most patients in the Philippines. Thus, we often ask the question... You there, doc?

UDERdoc (pronounced as “You there, doc?”) is a digital service where patients can find doctors and book their medical appointments online. With UDERdoc, be the first in line, every single time!

UDERdoc is designed and developed by Filipinos, for the Filipinos, aiming to build a community of patients and doctors committed in helping everyone prioritize their healthcare needs to achieve a healthy and better life. We can achieve this by providing both the doctors and the patients with today's top commodities: time, convenience, and technology. We enable doctors to better manage their appointments and schedules, and maximize their presence and availability. While at the same time, helping patients find the right doctor, and book their medical appointments with utmost convenience. With UDERdoc, patients are able to book medical specialists from a location of their choice. And visiting the doctor becomes a breeze, UDERdoc patients are prioritized on the time of their appointment. No more waiting for hours in line at the clinic.



How does it work?

The use of UDERdoc is predicated on Ease, Convenience, and Proficiency.

With its simplistic design, UDERdoc can be used even by the least technologically-adept user. Having bare minimal search parameters, and step by step booking process, users will surely find it easy to use. And what's more convenient than being able to use UDERdoc anytime, anywhere, and on any device? No need to call your doctor to setup an appointment. And for utmost convenience, how about getting to see your doctor on the appointed time, without having to wait in line? And speaking of seeing your doctor, getting seen and treated personally by the doctor at their own clinic (complete will all the necessary tools at their disposal) is still by far the most proficient way of getting a proper healthcare service.

So, how do you use it? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Search for a doctor/specialist

Search for a doctor or medical specialist from a specific location. You can also use advanced search to provide additional filters such as health insurance providers, days of the week, etc.

Step 2: Book a medical appointment

Booking of appointments are done in real-time, with guaranteed time-slots and no double-booking. Simply choose a doctor, select a date and time-slot, then preferred mode of payment.

Step 3: Visit your doctor at the clinic

On the appointed time, proceed to the clinic and receive an Appointment Code from the doctor or secretary. Input the code in the app for verification then proceed with the consultation.

Watch our video tutorial to learn more:



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some other basic information you might want to know about UDERdoc...

How can I access UDERdoc?

You can use any device with internet connection such as your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone browsers to access the app. In any browser, just type in www.uderdoc.com.

Can patients search for doctors even if they do not have an account?

Yes. Patients can search for a doctor, but cannot book a doctor online. Patients should register first before they can book online.

How do I register?

Go to www.uderdoc.com, click on Sign Up, then follow the instructions. An active email address and mobile number is mandatory.

Is my information secure?

We have a strict privacy policy for using all the patient and doctor details gathered by UDERdoc.

Is UDERdoc available nationwide and in other countries?

Not yet. For now UDERdoc accommodates patients in Metro Manila only. Stay tuned for announcements when we launch to other locations.

What categories do I use to search a doctor?

You can search a doctor by name, specialty, and location. Additionally, by using the Advanced Search option, you can filter by the Time of the Day, Day of the Week, Insurance Providers, etc.

How far ahead can I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment two (2) weeks in advance.

How late can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment three (3) hours before the preferred time.

Can I book an appointment schedule for another person?

Yes. A patient that has an account can book another patient. This is most useful to users with children below 18 years old or parents who are senior citizens or with disabilities. However, please do take note that the account holder must accompany the patient to the clinic.

I have scheduled my appointment two weeks in advance. I might forget my appointment, will I be notified for my upcoming appointment schedule?

The sole responsibility of keeping your appointment is on you. However, UDERdoc helps you out by sending you reminders a day before thru email and an SMS reminder 90 minutes before your appointment schedule.

Can patients cancel an appointment?

Yes. Patients can cancel an appointment any time until 3 hours before the actual appointment. Just go to My Appointments then click Cancel. Patients need to indicate the reason for cancellation.

Are all doctors enrolled in UDERdoc licensed?

Yes. UDERdoc will do it’s due diligence to make sure that our doctor-affiliates are licensed, and legally capable of providing health care services.

Are all major HMO companies accredited in UDERdoc?

UDERdoc does not accredit HMOs, and is not affiliated with any HMO. HMO accreditation depends on the doctor and/or their respective hospitals. However, UDERdoc provides a way for patients to search for doctors based on their insurance affiliation.

Can I use my HMO or health insurance card with UDERdoc doctors?

If the doctor is accredited with the insurance company then yes. But please do take note of your insurance's policies and terms of use. The use of your card may vary for each HMO.

Can I book an appointment over the phone?

No. UDERdoc is an online booking service only.

How do I know if my booking was successful?

Once an appointment booking is successfully done, a "success" message will appear in the app and the booking schedule will be found in your My Appointments link.

Can doctors cancel the patient’s appointment?

Yes. Doctors can cancel the appointments especially if there is an emergency. You will receive a notification of cancellation or the doctor may contact you directly.

What do I do if my doctor cancels my appointment?

In cases that the doctor has cancelled the appointment, the patient may book another appointment at a different date or time-slot, or to another doctor. If payments have been made in the system in advance, such payments will be credited back to the user.



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